Top 5 digital marketing trends that will dominate in 2017


The digital marketing wave has now struck each and every one of us! It is the advancements in this era that we get to experience the best of so many services. From content marketing to indulging into artificial intelligence, the trends now seem to hit the stride for the sake of enriching customer’s experience. Post the winter break we are now settling into summer sunshine; let’s have a look at what’s needed to shine this 2017.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing


In order to have a seamless experience every time a user is on line, Artificial intelligence in 2017 will lend a helping hand. From messaging to envisioning business insights, the merger of huge information, machine learning and AI is making smoother and smarter experiences every day. Changing marketing from a one way communication to a customer dialogue is a result of AI language processing (e.g. chatboats) allowing minimal human effort.

The rise of “Immersive Experience”

It’s more than just staring at your mobile screen or laptops 10 time’s day! Real time information is what grasps the user’s attention in a fraction. Let’s say for example – you can offer 360 videos (hyperlink) to make your users feel like they’re living in the moment. The key is to provide a higher level of interaction in a way that makes your target audience feel as though they are a part of something bigger.

Content remains the king

Apt content will become essential to cut through the ccontentontent noise. Trapping the attention spans for individuals today; life seems harder as demand increases and patience falls! Too much content is no longer adhered to. We tend to skip long posts and share articles only after reading the headline. Therefore, solid content is the key, making every line and every word count.


Influencer marketing


Considering the difficulties advertisers confront with fraud, promotion blocking, social calculations and general wariness; influencer marketing will play a recharged and focal part in the advertising blend for 2017. Although not new, influencer marketing will mature in 2017 as many brands will partner with digital savvy tools and co-creating digital content that can’t be found everywhere.

The video voyage


Video is an essential tool in your digital store. YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google and offers vast opportunities to capture the attention of the viewer. Digital videos are available in an array of formats including webinars, 360 degree videos, etc. Off late live streaming is becoming more and more prevalent as it helps reach target audience quicker than expected. Adding to the merits, through the use of live video chat interactions, brands can build consumer loyalty by engaging with clients continuously.

Hence, outline your 2017 digital marketing strategy keeping these trends in mind. Not to forget, growth hacking too is here to stay and will evolve further in 2017.


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