2017 will all be about building a future driven by data….

The current digital wave is felt at every stretch in life. We get thousands of messages from Facebook, twitter, subscription emails, pinterest, etc. every single day. Digital marketing has made it easier to publish content giving the customer more power than before. It’s them (digital customer) who decides when, where and how to consume your content.

With the fast going 2017, here’s how we can deliver a constant, engaging customer journey across all channels driven by data.

Elect for a holistic approach

Markets now will undertake the challenge by capturing the entire customer’s journey. In order to succeed, marketers should think above and beyond than particular crusades and change focuses. By interfacing all information sources about the customer for a unified experience that traverses all customers touch points.

Digital marketers today don’t only have to consider behavioural customer data. It has to be a combination of the demographic and behavioural data to meet high expectations for relevant content.

Understanding the complex digital landscape it is right to however begin with small steps.

This year it will be all about interactive emails

Making an interpretation of Big Data into activities for email marketers begins with separating information storehouses crosswise over channels. This implies coming to an obvious conclusion – which is no little technological or political accomplishment. Marketers have grasped personalization driving a large portion of the data in messages.        By allowing more interactivity inside the email, potentially reduces barriers to engagement.

Additionally, the video in email is another straightforward and easy way for subscribers to understand. This helps make the email users more receptive to other forms of interactivity.

Marketers using data to improve performance

With the on-going improvements in platforms, technology and data helps marketers understand what is working and what is not. This allows brands to understand how much is needed for their media spend and also how to improve their customer experience.

In the recent years, technology and data have proved to be a good combination.  The focus will now rather mean greater emphasis on finding creative ways to provide a more human experience for people.

Therefore, during 2017 creating digital marketing for humans that is powered by technology will be in focus.



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