The content strategy

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. – Michael Porter

Gone are the days when posting a 300 word article with difficult words could boost your page’s ranking! Now, low quality content is a major drawback to your brand’s name and longevity.  While creating a content strategy it is necessary to attract the correct target audience and retain them at the same time.

The key is to dependably strategize before delivering any content. Don’t simply produce content for the sake of it. When you begin creating extraordinary content and your clients connect with it and lift rankings in the meantime, will you understand why this is the far predominant approach.

To begin with define your goals clearly. Content is created for a specific purpose that needs to be known. Ask yourself why do you need a content strategy at the first place? To generate leads, convert users; improve your Google ranking, etc.  Once your goal is defined, you will need to define the content strategy required for achieving the same.

Do thorough research on your target audience!




Your content strategy will be effective only when you know who your target audience is. Once you have done thorough research on your target audience you will get a clear idea as to what is needed. Explore into Google Analytics to determine which content is producing the best results. To get best results categorize the search into fewer sections such as average time on page, page views, actions, etc.

Once you are aware of what needs to go out there, you may considerably understand and focus on the differentiating factor. The more particular you are and the more you concentrate on your specialty, the more noteworthy your odds of setting up yourself as an expert in your field, regardless of whether your readers are searching for data or entertainment.

Also, have a fair idea also of your consumption metrics! Once you have a clear picture of who al are seeing you content will you be able to measure your results. Measuring your results of your content marketing efforts is one of the most important attributes of developing an effective content strategy.  You need to know what your audience liked and what they didn’t like.  After having a sound content strategy in place, it is essential to strengthen your content. Take step by step measure to amplify the content like – determining the places your audience uses online, their favourable timings to push the needed content along with the type of content.

Therefore, you will have to strategize the resources available to you to harness the power of content, influencers, channels that will help augment your content for the better.

It is easy to make a content strategy, implementing it in the correct manner is what brings the difference.

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Happy Content Marketing folks!


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