5 ways to become a DIGITAL INFLUENCER

Today, influencer marketing is a unique way of advertising and a great way to get customers involved in your marketing tactics. Organizations are working hard to create advertisements that are less in your face and more integrated with entertainment, social media and user experience. How exactly do you stand out and be seen when every day there are almost 4.7 million blogs published and more than 432,000 hours of video posted on YouTube?

Here’s what we think are the 5 best ways to become a digital influencer in 2017 –

Strategize your tasks

Influencers do more for others, that’s how they earn their niche. By simply writing blogs or creating posts won’t make a difference. By writing the correct blogs and posting relevant content to your target audience is what attracts audience the most.  If you are building a reach on social media, follow people in your target audience so that if your profile and content is relevant, they will follow back. Therefore it is very essential for you to generate content that works.  Random images don’t get any clicks or views.

Keep it simple and real

When it comes to being different and getting creative in the digital space, don’t think about using too many jargons and loaded words that go above the readers head. Remember, your content will guide you to success. Create unique and up to the mark content that makes you stand out of the box. At the same time, make sure it does not hurt the sentiments of any individual or group to cause further worry.

Share strong and relevant content regularly

Once you’ve gotten the attention of your community, it is fairly essential to feed them with relevant content. The best way to do this is by sharing relevant content that connects to them. With the competition swirling around today, it is important for you to provide updates on a regular basis. Even sharing OPC’s (other people content) is ac-knowledgeable without hampering the credibility.  Influencers need to be 100% genuine and tell compelling stories that relate to their audience.

Engage with your audience

Having people read your stuff is great, but maintaining the grip is what makes a difference.  Why should you care about engagement? Because it is very important to build relationships – this takes time but steady and constant engagement is the path to those relationships.

Consider other platforms too

Now that you have started to build influence and increase your reach, it is time to also utilize other platforms. You have your audience at par and recollect the fact the “content in the king”, find out other influencers in your niche. You may ask them to become guests on your podcasts, write guest posts, share it on their known platforms, etc.

In this way you build a portfolio of work on various other platforms increase you reach.  Therefore, if you want to become a digital influencer, it is possible only when you have a strategy in hand and you need to work on it regularly.

No wonder why it isn’t simply said “Always deliver more than expected” Larry Page




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